Winter campaign

Casumo Casino an online casino with a distinctively modern instant-play interface, mobile compatibility, and unique "adventure" promotional system. The site is remarkable for its ease of use and a wide selection of games from leading providers.

The problem

Christmas time is one of the most profitable times of the year for online casinos. Each year operators compete against each other by making more attractive offers hoping to acquire new customers and keep existing ones from scouting on competing sites.

Casumo had not released a winter campaign the previous year which resulted in opportunity costs.

Since the cost per acquisition (CPA) was not at an all time best, the problem to be solved was to figure out how to improve player retention over the course of the campaign.


Target audience

Since the campaign was intended for retention purposes, the audience to be adressed was existing players across all segments and with different playing and spending patterns.


My role

My role in the project was to tackle product design; my main responsibilities included:

* Brainstorming mechanic ideas with team

* Designing the user flows and interfaces

* Illustrating assets

* Prototyping

* Writing user testing scripts

* Setting up pilot tests

* Conducting remote user tests

* Conducting remote user tests/interviews with VIP players

* Helping manage content

* Monitoring recored player sessions to report issues in production


How we kicked off

The company spawned a lean team who were allowed to hijack a meeting room and work with little interruptions for the first couple of weeks in order to give the project some shape. That team included a producer, front end developer, back end developer, game designer who worked remotely at the time and of course product designers.

In order to keep all stakeholders on track, each week ended with a 1hr forum were all stakeholders were invited and discussed or demoed their progress. The forum included producers, marketeers, developers, data analysts, product designers, communication designers, illustrators and ambassadors; the whole family.


The campaign idea

The campaign idea we came up with and fine tuned over the months was a campaign were each day people would be rewarded with a free, chest after logging in to their account.

Players were encouraged to upgrade their free chest by making a deposit of €20+ in order to receive better rewards inside. 3 levels of chests were designed with prices that matched typical player spending patterns:

• Silver chests were rewarded to players making €20-€49 deposits

• Gold chests were rewarded to players making €50-€99 deposits

• Diamond chests were rewarded to players making €100+ deposits

The more valuable the chest, the better the rewards would be of course.

Each upgraded chest also came with a snowball inside and people were encouraged to collect 4 snowballs between Monday and Friday in order to enter a weekly prize draw which occured every Sunday; 1 out of 4 snowballs was rewarded every monday to all players without the need to make a deposit.

Each Sunday, players who were eligible for the weekly prize draw would log in and be presented with a huge snowball to crush which contained additional prizes and for some people, the grand prize too which could have been exchanged for a cash prize.